Jacksonville''s educational options are numerous, whether choosing a public or private (secular or non-secular) school. High standards, reputation and national recognition make our schools stand out in Duval, St. Johns and Clay counties. The importance of a good education is high on my priority list as I help families during their home search. 

Duval County Public Schools

  • Duval County Schools has an overall district rating of "B".
  • The 2009-10 graduation rate is 66.6%, an increase of 2.1 percentage points from the previous year and nearly 10% over the last five years
  • Duval County Schools rates number two in the state in the percentage of graduates completing at least one AP, IB, AICE or Dual Enrollment course.
  • 66% of schools have post-secondary ready curriculum- higher than all but three suburban counties.
  • Acceleration programs are available in ALL high schools-one in each of the four quadrants:

                        International Baccalaureate

                        Advanced International Certificate of Education

                        Early College High School

                        Advanced Placement Honors

  • Duval County is home to three of the nation''s best high schools according to Newsweek Magazine; Stanton College Prep (4), Douglas Anderson School of the Arts (129), and Paxon School for Advance Studies (170).

St. Johns County Schools

  • St. Johns County has maintained its ranking as the number one district in the state for the third year in a row. Fifteen elementary schools, seven middle schools and the district''s only K-8 school all are "A" rated.   
  • Nease High School Wired newscast won an excellence award for Best Daily Taped Newscast in the country by the Student Television Network.   
  • The dropout rate is .9% and the graduation rate is 92.63%. 
  • One of the few district in Florida that is still experiencing growth. Construction of a new elementary school in the north-central area of the county is underway and should be completed in summer 2012. 

Clay County Schools

  • Named a 2011-2012 Academically High Performing School District by the State Board of Education 
  • 97% of the schools are rated "A" or "B" by the Florida Department of Education for math, reading, and science. 
  • All schools are recognized as "Golden and/or Silver schools for outstanding volunteers.   
  • The district has a highly demanding and successful Baccalaureate Program

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